Friday, June 29, 2012

Client spotlight: Sassy Lacquer

I am a part of a nail polish community. I enjoy art in so many forms and my nails are an extension of this. I was pretty excited to get to work with a new independent nail polish maker.

Our first round was a failure. In the design process it's very important to immediately get a list of ideas, colors, and names from the client to make the research aspect of the project go smoothly. All I had was the name of a nail polish: Pink Couture. So I worked from there. The entire project would have completely derailed had she not been 100% honest with me. So many times clients don't want to offend the designer, but a designer can't do their job if the client doesn't convey how they feel about a solution. I had to work quickly in order to gain her trust in my abilities and asked for a list of links to samples of styles she preferred as well as a color palette she would like to see. I had a set of solutions to her by the next day and hit the nail on the head.

The design is clean and effective and conveys a beautiful boutique feeling. Her polishes look gorgeous displayed with their label and we designed a look to work across her blog, storefront, and Facebook pages:
For more information on Sassy Lacquer check out her blog here or her storefront here.

*Please note that all images are copyrighted property of Sassy Lacquer. All images are dropped in size and quality to prevent duplication by third parties. Thank you.*

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