Sunday, December 2, 2012

Client spotlight: Glam Polish

Every designer gets a job that stretches them a little and helps them grow as a designer and Glam Polish was just that for me.

First off working with someone in another country is an enlightening experience. If there's one thing to take away from this it's always discuss print first thing after the project parameters have been discussed. Print, thankfully, is a standard process where printers all use the same terms such as bleed and trim. However they may not use the same increments as we Americans do (well actually they don't).

I lucked out and she and I found a solution for her label at Moo Print Services (if you use this link you'll receive a 10% discount on your first order). The problem we found was in finding a print service with high quality labels in the tiny size we needed that could ship to Australia without it costing 100+ and Moo was that company for us. I'll have to write another post about how finding print solutions turns designers grey before their time but I digress.

We went through a lot of ideas to get the finalized version (images are watermarked and quality brought down - I may release the diva fairies in my scraps clean out later).

Another problem came up in going to print. Bottom line is that you can't print neon on a budget. A printer uses a subtractive color solution and a screen uses an additive. There's a lot more to it but we ended up having to compromise to make the labels a reasonable price to print. I really do need to write a post on the print process...

The final version is a great branding technique using just the first letter of her polish name to identify the super girly glam bottles. We carried the design across her storefront, blog, and Facebook pages to unify her media look with her label look:
Big Cartel store solution.
Blog solution.
Facebook solution.

The biggest thing I walked away from this project with is to think outside the box when it comes to bringing branding across multiple platforms. Not everything looks identical but it all has the same, unmistakable feel that defines it as Glam Polish. The design solution gets more and more of a complex arena as more and more variables such as social media are added. A single header won't necessarily fit all solutions.

I'll be updating more often as more design tidbits start coming in. I'm going to start a page with my favorite design resources because I feel knowledge is something to be shared.

*All images contained in this post are the copyright property of either Glam Polish or Mommy Does*


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